IS/ISO 9001:2008 & HACCP IS 15000:1998 Certified Dairy Registration No & Date: 579/ F DT 29.08.1972    

About Us

Uttari Rajasthan Sahkari Dugdh Utpadak Sangh Ltd,. Famous as URMUL was established on August 28, 1972 --- a cooperative body registered under cooperative act 1956. With the onset Urmul covered Bikaner, Shri Ganganager and Churu districts. However in mid eighties separate unions were established for Churu and Shri Ganganagar districts with the objective to ameliorate the socioeconomic status of the rural population by providing them market of their milk at their door step, irrespective of their geographical conditions. Before the establishment of the plant at its present site i.e., upto1976 D.M.S (Delhi Milk Scheme) used to collect milk in these districts and it collected maximum of 20,000 liters of milk per day.

Urmul started its business from 9th July 1973 with the initial membership of 64 societies and initially collected 1500 liters of milk per day. The milk union acquired its own facilities during the year 1977. Presently there are 851 registered and 333 Proposed societies covered by 52 milk routes and collecting about 80 thousands liters of milk per day against the installed capacity of 150 thousands liters of milk. Urmul had paid Rs.57.35 cores to the milk producers during the year 2015-2016.

No one had ever thought that there could exist a tremendous amount of milk in the hot thar desert of Bikaner District. Villages are flushed with milk in this District. During August 1983 Urmul collected 269 thousands liters of milk in a day which was a record collection. The Milk Union has five chilling centers located at Loonkarnsar, Bajju, Chattargarh, Dungargarh and Khajuwala with the handling capacity of 1,00,000 liters, 30,000 liters, 30,000 Litres 10,000 litres and 15,000 litres respectively.


Bikaner dairy plant is 5 kms away from the main city, located on the Ganganagar road. The rated capacity of the plant is 1.5 lac liters of milk per day. Bikaner dairy is the main supplier of milk among the units of R.C.D.F. to D.M.S. and Mother dairy, Delhi.

To lessen the dependency on Delhi, Urmul diversified its business by going into the production of various products, which are being marketed locally. The products manufactured at the plant are Butter, Ghee, and Skim milk powder, Cheddar Cheese, Processed Cheese, Spread Cheese, Paneer and Khoa besides milk being packed in sachets. Urmul started manufacturing of Chach, Lassi, Dahi and Shrikhand which has gained a very much positive response from the local market.